Started firing noborigama.

I started the fire in my kiln yesterday at about noon.  I will be firing this time all by my lonesome so I took the burner off my kerosene kiln and have put it to work for when I have to sleep.

At this point the temperatures  are 180  C. in room one, room two, 80 C. , Room one is closest to the fire box. It is about -3 C. outside.

I plan on finishing on either Sunday or Monday. I have to go slower than usual since I have to sleep and during that time the only thing watching the kiln will be my burner.

The burner is off my Shimpo kiln. The Shimpo holds 6 shelves that are about 30cm. by 25cm. My nobori holds, this time, 90 shelves that are 35 cm. by 40 cm. I am very interested to see if the burner will hold the temperature while I have it in use.

My schedule this time is designed to get around the problems I have encountered in the few times I have tried to fire by myself. The main problem is fatigue. Physical fatigue in the form of muscle cramps and tiredness. Mental fatigue is a small problem but I can usually get around that with small projects I set to do. This time I have had to do some cleaning up around the kiln and I plan to make a table out of some extra wood. To get around the physical fatigue I plan to work 12-13 hours and then put the burner in.

I also have pictures of my newly reconstructed chimney. I still have a steel water pipe topping it off. I had to redo the upper 1/3. The kiln is drying out and that is steam, not smoke coming out of it.

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2 Responses to “Started firing noborigama.”

  1. bill geisinger Says:

    be well Mr. Pike!

  2. togeii Says:

    Thank you Bill.

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