Nanban firing, 4-19-11

These pictures are of the 3rd. level in the first section. I am using clam shells to separate and protect the pieces from sticking to each other. The shells visible on the lip are so the inner pieces don’t fuse as burn-off of the rice hulls and breakdown of the shells cause shifting of the pieces during firing. Sometimes the shells will turn to powder and sometimes not. In the past I have packed the shells with clay. Using clay gives a lot of stability but takes a long time. I am more interested in a natural loading speed, one that doesn’t take 2 days to do a single level.


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4 Responses to “Nanban firing, 4-19-11”

  1. bill geisinger Says:

    Just curious what cone or temp do you fire to? I haven’t tried hulls on the shelf but thought I might my next firing. I have also been using oyster shells that are crushed as shelf supports it does not always work. Maybe grog? could work too!

    • togeii Says:

      Hello Bill,
      I fire, in theory, to 1,100 C. I don’t have a probe in every level and this first level probably goes higher. I don’t use cones, usually either put a cup in on its side and watch it for deformation or watch other pieces to make sure they don’t change shape too much. I hope this way of stacking works, I will post pictures after.

  2. Eric Says:

    Nice loading Dave. Good luck for the firing !

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