Update on tiles, 4-15-11

Here is the original post, http://wp.me/p6ult-1V2

What do 2,200 tiles look like? See below.  I will now let them dry and fire them at the end of the month for the first firing.

I am done with the first step in this project. I got an answer from the calligraphy group that was a little difficult to parse for meaning. I have another meeting set for next week and I will try to nail down a date for the actual application of the names. I have a suspicion that the easiest part of this project will end up being the making of the tiles. The application of the names is turning out to to require more effort than I initially thought. I have some back-up plans in mind. Plan B = to ask some other groups if they are interested in doing some of the names. Plan C = contacting groups throughout Japan and seeing if there are other groups that might be interested. Plan D = getting groups from around the world to participate. This plan has the problem of getting the tiles to each group. It isn’t that easy to fund that kind of mailing.

This magnificent weeping cherry tree is in full bloom, about a 5 minute walk from my house.

I would like to thank Steen from Sweden for his generous donation.


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One Response to “Update on tiles, 4-15-11”

  1. bill geisinger Says:

    I think you may be right about the tiles. Looks like a huge job to make but bigger to do the brush work. Then the firing then the install plus the design and sell!

    Good on you David! Good on you!

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