Firing for Golden week.

I am in the final 3 days of making things for the next firing of my Nanban kiln. I plan on firing during Golden week here, about the end of April.

This is what 1/2 of my studio looks like. The other 1/2 is getting full of tiles, about 400 at last count.

I love these table plates. There is something magical about the way the legs shape the space.  I have been making octagonal plates, inspired by a piece of Imari I recently bought. I never really thought about making octagonal plates until I looked at the Imari plate and realized how simple they are. Yesterday I was sitting down to make some more plates and had a right angle triangle block at hand so I decided to try to see what I would come up with if I cut all four corners off the square like I had been doing with a equilateral triangle like I had been doing to get the octagons. Guess what, I came up with a square, only smaller than when I started, and these new types of table plates.



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