Antiques 3-19-11

I saw a couple of very interesting pieces today.

The first is a haniwa, about the 6th. century, from the Sendai area. That is the same area that just had the massive earthquake and tsunami. It is amazing to think this piece has been around for the last 1400 years and possibly missed being destroyed by 1 week.

In addition to the haniwa figure there are fragments of a inoshishi, wild pig, a hand, and some other more difficult to identify pieces.

The next piece is a ohaguro jar from the beginning of the Edo period. Used to hold the ink that was used to blacken the teeth as a fashion statement back in the day. I have always thought it would be shocking to see someone with their teeth completely blacked out.

The last piece is a mystery piece, probably not Japanese. If anyone knows what it is please leave a comment.


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