Donation raising for Japan with tiles.

I am making a donation-raising push, based on tiles. I will be donating the tiles either way, with or without donations to go along with them.

I am making 2200 tiles that I will bring to one of the towns that will be rebuilding in the near future. Along with the tiles I would like to also bring a donation of money.

The tiles are small,  somewhere in the range of 15cm. by 5 cm by 12 mm. thick.  They will be made from a porcelain and white clay mix, wood fired and unglazed.
I am planning on writing the names of everyone who has died or is missing in  iron  and cobalt color.
I am going to ask for anyone wanting to support this project to “buy” one for 500 yen and I will donate the entire amount after Paypal fees. I am making the tiles and firing them with my own money. I have set up an account to accept donations at Paypal. The account is david – at mark –
If you like, please leave a comment.
Thank you,

Here are pictures of the wet tiles, 15 cm. by 5 cm. by 12 mm thick.

March 18. I have found a calligraphy club that has expressed interest in helping me write the names of the people who died and are missing. It will be a tremendous help.


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7 Responses to “Donation raising for Japan with tiles.”

  1. Chris Chaney Says:

    Dave — I’m in, just let me know the details.

    Thanks — Chris

  2. Steen Kepp Says:

    Hi David,

    I am in as well………

    Kindly, Steen.

  3. Eric Says:

    I’m in. Good luck.

  4. togeii Says:

    Thank you very much Eric. The donation account is in the post.

  5. Brucifer Says:

    I don’t want to sound too jerky about this, but rather than listing the dead and missing, maybe use words of encouragement. It’s great that you are creating a unique building material and raising money at the same, but there will be memorials that list those that are lost.

    I think a better idea would be ‘A 1000 Words’. Blocks of words like ‘Hope’, ‘Rebirth’, ‘Strength’, ‘Love’, ‘Compassion’, and ‘Perseverance’. You sell ‘A Thousand Words of Love’, ‘A Thousand Words of Rebirth’, ‘A Thousand Words of Charity’, and so forth. Something along the lines of the Thousand Cranes. This allows the tiles to be used anywhere and in any grouping.

    I still will follow your efforts and look forward to purchasing a tile.

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