Wakayama craft fair at Big Whale

I went to a craft fair in Wakayama today. The organizers of the fair debated whether to cancel or not  because of the earthquake in the Tohoku area. They decided to go ahead with it. We also debated whether to go ahead with participating.

This is the first time my wife has participated in this particular fair. It is largely populated by participants of the fair she did last weekend, Pocket Marche.

I don’t have a lot of comments but I would like to point out the video below.

The fair was held in a domed arena called the Big Whale, shaped like the mouth of a baleen whale. After 8:45 am the doors were shut and we were shut off from going outside until the opening at 10:00 am. I didn’t think anything of this setup. At 10:00 sharp the doors were opened and people mobbed, ran, towards one booth, the one shown in the video. I took a video of the scene at about 10:02. They were sold out at 10:10. One of the women spent the rest of the day eating deep-fried sweets, licking her lips between bites.  The objects of desire were hand knitted hats, bags and other things. I have never seen anything like it. See http://yaplog.jp/yunyun0406/archive/168 It shows pictures of this booth and some of the things they were selling. I wanted to go and ask HOW they had built up such a devoted and rabid following but didn’t make it.


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