Cone 10 porcelain

I just shut everything down on a kiln load of unglazed porcelain. I am trying to learn how to fire without a pyrometer. Not for any political reason, I am just tired of buying new probes. Because I usually fire with wood the probes break often.This is the color of about 1,300 C.


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2 Responses to “Cone 10 porcelain”

  1. Steven Barisof Says:

    I’ve been a professional potter for 42 years. I used to bet people I could tell them within 25 degrees Farenheit the temperature inside a kiln, and if I was correct they would buy me lunch. I never paid for a lunch when I did this. However, my accuracy was only good to around cone 5. As the color goes more to yellow white my eyes at least became less discerning. Fortunately I didn’t do this a lot when I was starting out or I would probably be suffering from eye problems now. Put the probe in a safer place in the kiln. Never a good idea to put it too near the firebox anyway as the heat reading will be higher than about 2/3 back into the kiln load. If that isn’t feasible, then use cones and/or draw trials as was done in the time before cones. Hope this helps.
    Stay safe, Steven

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