4 Responses to “Snow.”

  1. rob Says:

    Beautiful images all Dave……. very peaceful.

    Wishing you a happy oshougatsu to you and yours.

    Best wishes,

  2. rob Says:

    Quiet….. just like I like it. Had Ozoni this am followed by more American oseichi ryor,i meatloaf sandwiches for lunch 🙂 and now more of the traditional offerings this evening. How about you? I always loved Oshougatsu in Japan for its richness of culture and customs as well as the fact that finally everyone stopped working.

    Checked your youtube files….. Yamazoe mura is where you live? Not far from Suimonmachi…. Tsujimura’s place. Looks to be about 5-10km or so on the map.


    • togeii Says:

      I enjoy the New Year here more than any time. Today is my first day back to work. We do some of the traditional food but not O seichi ryori. Ozoni, toshikoshi soba, etc. = yes. Yesterday my family did Hatsumode.
      Tsujimura’s place is about 2 km. the way the crow flies, about 10 minutes by car. 5 minutes if you take a back road.

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