Wood burning stove, kickwheel hand made.

I finally attached the chimney to my wood burning stove today. It is made from a propane tank. I had a couple of the pieces fabricated. The part where the propane comes out is now an air damper to help reduce the vacuum so the flames don’t run out the chimney.

The wheel is made from a number of parts. The base from a pug-mill. I made it about 13 years ago. I now only use it for trimming.



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3 Responses to “Wood burning stove, kickwheel hand made.”

  1. rob Says:

    Great stove Dave….. reminds me of the barrel stoves we used to make with 55 gallon drums back in MN. One on the bottom for the wood with another stacked on top to provide more surface area for heat radiation.

    Enjoy but be safe!


  2. togeii Says:

    Hello Rob,
    I didn’t use it last year and forgot how nice it is to sit next to it. It dries my studio out which is nice since it is so damp here.

  3. bqnikkijamesr1 Says:

    Great webpage from Joie Derousse

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