Kintetsu show

I just finished a 2 person show at a gallery in Nara. It is difficult to get excited about gallery shows these days. I have long been tired by the smart talk I have to engage in attending gallery shows. Give me salt of the earth people.

I am going to focus on arts and craft fairs in the Tokyo area this coming year. Nanban fired work doesn’t sell all that well around the Kansai area. It does OK further out in Western Japan and sells much better in the Kanto area. My highest sales are overseas, i.e., outside of Japan.

I have come to understand what I have heard often here in gallery circles. Japanese have seen a lot of ceramics and are not willing to buy anything but work that has a new look. The look changes every year but it doesn’t include super-shibui type work like I do. This is very interesting to me. Like a child that comes of age and thinks the world is getting to be a more dangerous place as every year passes I wonder if the movement toward more Western inspired work is a function of my understanding of the Japanese ceramic world or an actual movement in that direction. There are exceptions of course. I am talking about work that isn’t written about as the cutting edge of Japanese ceramics, that is, work that is being promoted by galleries.

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