Pocket Marche

I spent the day helping my wife at a show called Pocket Marche. Putting aside what ever the name is supposed to mean it is a wealth of learning. It also comes complete with wandering accordion players and a very interestingly dressed woman blowing up and twisting balloons into shapes for children. Every time I see an accordion player I think of a joke I heard a long time ago.  What is the start of world peace? 10,000 accordions at the bottom of the ocean. The joke doesn’t make any sense which is why I find it funny, 20 years after I heard it.

The sellers at Pocket Marche come to sell. And by all accounts they do just that. I usually go to juried arts and crafts shows. Shows like Pocket Marche, juried by the way, are looked down at by the sellers at the juried shows. A simple head count of sellers who make a living at both kinds of shows will make it clear the Pocket Marche type could teach the others a few things about marketing and selling.

1) Branding. Practically everyone I saw at Pocket Marche has AND promotes a brand. Self made brands. Well defined and visible.

2) Building of community. I am pretty sure most of the sellers at Pocket Marche have blogs and cross promote the show and each other.

3) Customer service. It is great and very audible and visible at P.M.


I listened to part 1 of Structure of English Words by William Leben, available in podcast. I highly recommend it, especially for those nationalities that feel protective of the English language.



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