Antiques 11-20-10

Today I took photographs of a number of different types of items.

The first set of pictures is a series of photos from a book that shows what the name of   each piece of Buddhist statuary is. The name is all in hiragana so you will need to find a translator.

The first piece is an Amigasa Keiryuzan tea bowl. 300-600 years old, from the end of the Korai, beginning of Richo period. The “Keiryuzan” part of the name is a place and kiln name from a spot in Korea. The “Amigasa” part of the name is the shape. This shape happened naturally during firing. The Japanese intentionally mimic this shape off the wheel but originally it is a shape name that was given to a naturally occurring shape. Kenzan made a lot of copies of this  shape. I really like the naturalness of the shape. I also like the gold repair work. The writing on the box is a clear example of how writing “should” be done on a box. The writing should flow the same direction as the grain of the wood flows.

Next is an Edo period saketsuke, sake cup, from Tamba. It was originally made to give offerings to Bhudda but is now used for sake. The writing on the box is by Mr. Kawase’s father. The cup was sold by his father and has eventually made it back to Mr. Kawase.

Next are 2 plates with handles. Both are from the Momoyama period. One is from Bizen, one is from Shigaraki. I may have photographed the Shigaraki piece before. There is one or two pictures of one more different piece. It is a Bizen mizuzashi. I have taken pictures of its kamajirushi along with the kamajirushi of the other two plates with handles.

Finally I have pages and pages of Bizen kamajirushi followed by a couple of pages of Shigaraki kamajirushis. It is notable that there about 75 Shigaraki shirushis, dating back to the Heian period and about 1650 Bizen shirushis.


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