Akashi Craft, Fall 2010

I went to Akashi Craft in Akashi, by Kobe, yesterday. Here are some pictures.

I think most people that had a booth, about 50-60 people, sold almost nothing. I sold 0.  Basically I think the organizer has a great idea but lacks in the marketing of the event. The people that came seemed to be there to look, and seemed to have come because it was on their way from somewhere to somewhere. The question to me is did reality fit perception. I have participated in events by the same organizer. Consistently I have sold nothing at those events. Going into this one I thought I wouldn’t sell anything so only took what is in the pictures, about 30 small pieces. My attitude too seemed to me to be a problem. I made very little effort to engage the few people who stopped by in conversation. There was a woman diagonally across from me that was at a similar price point that sold some, maybe 5-10 pieces. I was curious why she sold and everybody I talked to and saw sold nothing.

The glass in the pictures below is by Kobayashi Ryoji. I think that is how you pronounce his name.Yes, the monk is a real person. Real monk? I don’t know.


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