Tomoshibito, day 2.

Day 1, yesterday, was canceled because of a typhoon. Today was day 2. Yesterday was perfect weather, today it rained for about 1/2 the day.

Here are some pictures of the exhibitors today. Overall the level was higher than the usual art and craft show but not as high as the reputation Tomoshibito enjoys. A triumph of marketing. It really is amazing how much buzz this show generates. There were some very interesting people with booths. One booth by Furutani from Shigaraki. Anyone who knows Shigaraki work will know the name Furutani. The person today was the same family but the wife of the son of Michio Furutani. She had some  nice work including some very nice Nanban. She didn’t actually fire the the Nanban herself but farmed that task out to someone firing a Koyama Fujio kiln. The perks of fame.


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2 Responses to “Tomoshibito, day 2.”

  1. Eli Says:

    Really nice blog full of beautiful things 🙂

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