Nanban firing, day 4.

The kiln is retaining more heat after the nightly break.

The temperature this morning in the 2nd. level was 208 C., 6th. level 178 C.. That compares with about 150 C. in the 2nd. level and 140 C. in the 6th. level yesterday morning.

It is easy to fire this way, fire during the day, break at night. I am firing from about 5:30 am through to about 7:30 pm everyday. The target temperature is 200 C. in any one part of the kiln but that temperature is difficult to keep to. I am averaging about 350 C. in the 2nd. level, 240 in the 6th. level.

Since I don’t really know what I am doing as far as this way of firing goes I am a little worried about cycling through the 200 C. temperature band so many times. Hopefully this won’t result in large losses.

Here are some pictures of a bowl I fired in my last firing.



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