Nanban kiln 9-8-10

These pictures show some points in loading the kiln.

I have used senbei, wafers, and put rice hulls under them. It is possible to use shells in lieu of the senbei but it is much faster to use this method.

If this wasn’t my first firing I would pack ware in much tighter, filling the space between the bowl stacks. This helps to modulate the flow of the fire and give good color. I will probably start putting things in tightly for the second “room” stack.

The clearance between the levels of shelves is too much. It would be nicer to have less than 1 cm. clearance. That would require using different stilts and I am concerned about the stability. During the final stages of firing there will be 2 of us shoving as much wood as we can fit from both sides of the kiln. It is easy to hit a stilt and collapse a stack.


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