Nanban kiln 9-7-10

This is how far I have gotten in loading this kiln.

The picture with two diverging blue lines show the plumb line of the stoking hole and the other line shows the shelf line. Nanban firing requires a wall of coals at the end so it is important to keep the shelf stack behind the line where a piece of wood would land if dropped in straight down from the stoke hole.

There is about 20 cm. clearance on either side of the shelves to the side of the kiln. If I was a more meticulous worker I would place wadding beneath each of the stilts on the floor. This stack of work is going to get the biggest blast from the fire box. I have chosen work that is straight walled so it has less tendency to slump.

I stack ware in firing this type of work. In order to keep the work from sticking to the shelves a generous  layer of rice hulls works well and is free. To keep the work from sticking to the piece it is sitting on I use clam shells and wadding. The tape is so the wet wadding clay doesn’t split the clay. The clay body of the work is extremely fine grained and splits if you look at it funny.

I have a fan and a disassembled kotatsu heater in the fire box which is giving the warm lighting to the picture.


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3 Responses to “Nanban kiln 9-7-10”

  1. Michael Says:

    Those are some great tips that you are sharing. One day when I have my own rocket man anagama (that is what an art prof. of mine calls his personal 8 foot long kiln), I’ll have to remember the tape and the rice hull ideas.
    I’ve used rice hull ash to make a nuka glaze before. That came out very interesting.

  2. Jason Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Haven’t checked your site for awhile now. Glad to see that things are progressing. good luck on your first firing in your new kiln!

    BTW ~ I just realized that several of the Japanese potter’s videos on youtube were posted by you ( ie. Hara Kenji ). Great stuff. I appreciate them.
    If one day you could also include subtitles, that would be awesome.

    Looking forward to more posts.

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