Movie, Ghost Negotiator.

I think some events or other windows give a clear picture into parts of Japan that are unclear as a non-Japanese. This movie, Ghost Negotiator, or Ghost Shout, Only in Japanese unless there is a dubbed version. You have to have Silverlight installed too.

I have often wondered about the extreme sensitivity to feelings and detail expended in completing business  in Japan. Hikikomori are a good example. It isn’t unknown for a child to spend years and years in their room, the parents refusing to interfere. As an American father it wouldn’t be that long before the hikikomori found themselves without a door to shut.

The movie can be interpreted in a number of ways. I took it as a light hearted movie that actually has a very good window into the aspect of unfinished business I have often found difficult to understand.

It doesn’t set out to illustrate the points I took away from it and I think that is why it is so enlightening. It shows what is taken for granted as a basis and then riffs off of it. I am not suggesting Japanese will believe the premise of the movie in its entirety but I do think the importance of  completing personal relationships and of not missing personal connections is well illustrated.


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