Antiques 7-10-10

Here are some items from today.

The first up is a glass from Baccarat. Strange? On this blog, yes. I am not that interested in this type of work so I only took a couple of pictures. It is an extremely thin piece, part of a 10 glass set. The dealer is playing host to 8-9 young dealers coming from Tokyo and plans to serve beer to them in these glasses.

The next piece is a fan from Edo, about 350 years ago.  Made by a person named Fujimura Youken, 藤村 庸軒 a tea person well known in his time. The piece is considered the best fan made in Nara. An old name for Nara is Nanto,  南東. It is exceptional  in that it has about 120 ribs of bamboo. Fans made nowadays have less than a third of that.

Next is a set of kugikakushi, made from copper. Kugikakushi are nail covers. These are shippou type. The motif is of kiku, chrysanthemum. Given that these were probably used in a castle or other elite setting. They date from Momoyama period, about 400 years ago. That is about the time the Japanese got the technology transfer from the Chinese about how to make enamel ware. Notice the nails are square. I almost blurted out something when the dealer twisted one of them up to show me the back. They are attached by thread to the fabric and I didn’t realize it was possible to stand them upright.   The term shippou won’t fit perfectly with the definition I have linked to. There are often differences between what scholars say and what is used in the “field” in Japan.

The last piece is a Bizen tokkuri. From the end of the Momoyama going into the Edo period. The box says Eunko yori Suematsukei kairo itadaita. Basically a gift from Eunko to Suematsukei. The kamajirushi matches the mizusashi I posted in this post,

Take a look at the kamajirushi on the tokkuri and the mizusashi. They are from the same kiln.

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