Malevich or Mondrian. Podcast with Lavinia Hanachiuc from Alma Pottery on Etsy.

Lavinia Hanachiuc has a very interesting story. She is from Transylvania and now lives in the U.S. She has over 800 sales on Etsy in 3 1/2 years. You can read 2 interviews of her here and here. Her blog is here.

You can download the podcast or stream it  here.

I am very interested in how people get sales of handmade items. If  I could only focus my questions I would be able to get to that answer quicker. This podcast covers a wide range of topics and I do get Lavinia to talk about how she has gotten the sales she has. We also talk about girl vampires, classical art education in Europe, hikikomori and who painted White on White, Mondrian or Malevich. I got it all wrong about Mondrian’s philosophy, it was Theosophy.


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