Copy writing.

I do read other blogs on sales, honest.


This is the Chuck Norris of signs. (Well, relatively speaking.) It kicks the other sign’s ass all the way around the parking lot.

And from the same post,

But the thing I like most is the specificity.

Again, how does that apply to me. To selling ceramics.

I sold this today. And this. Two stores selling different things. Imagine that.

The copy for the antique kimono wasn’t that challenging. It was more a statement of fact. This is a beautiful shibori (tie-die like) kimono made from thick, quality silk.

The copy for the bowl was much further down the path of ‘challenge me’.  Not for Children. If you are the type that wants a safe, accident proof bowl you should skip this one.

I am not sure I can get anymore information out of these two very different descriptions but they are interesting. I think one of the problems with writing copy for something you’ve made with your own hands is humility. I don’t want to sound like I am saying I am great. I don’t want to go on and on about how this particular piece is going to change your world. If a third party writes that kind of copy about my work it is much easier to sit back and read it. It has been externalized to a certain extent. It is what someone else thought. If I write it I have taken a position that my work is great, that I am the next great thing. Notice how I didn’t say young thing. This is a much more difficult position to actively take.


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