A red line.

I am reading this post and trying to apply it to marketing of my work, see what applies and what doesn’t.

I believe that most artists, me included, have as their main problem marketing. Not enough, not effective, not at all, etc. Not coupled with almost any adjective. I am trying to work out ways and strategies to overcome that in my work and selling. I think anyone who is fully steeped in the myth  l’art pour l’art will disagree with me but if you want to sell your work then it comes back to the marketing.

I am not sure Naomi Dunford’s blog is the best choice for a potter like me to study. The posts challenge me and I do think she brings up a wealth of ideas that can be applied if the initial differences are gotten past. Her audience seems to be idea marketers, consultants and those who sell “things” not made by the seller. I say that but don’t really know who reads her blog. I am going from who comments on her blog and who guest writes for her. I also read Seth Godin’s blog. He also has a wealth of ideas. One of the main challenges I find is how to re-define and apply the ideas in marketing blogs.

I took this copy and paste from the post.

It’s not about the immediate money to them; it’s about changing lives and making a difference.

It is out of context but if the shoe fits wear it. Selling my work is of course about money to a certain extent. I have also embraced the idea I am helping people get what they want. I just sold this to a very supportive woman in New York. What did she get? She got a piece of my work is one answer. She must have been looking for an unusual, distinctive and one of a kind plate. She can choose from literally thousands of potter’s work. She came to my Etsy site and found what she was looking for and helped me out in the process. I in turn helped her get what she wanted. I am not saying it will change her life but it does make a difference to be able to find what you want.


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