Bows and bowls.

I spent the morning at a Japanese archery competition and then visited a show in Iga.

My son took part in the competition, finishing last. In my village I can take free lessons from a 3 time Japanese national champion. A great opportunity but one I have spent 10 years passing on. The time I spent today at the archery grounds only confirmed my decision is right for me. Archery, kyudo in Japanese, is one of the more rigid heirarchical “do”s in Japanese. Do being a suffix for road, way. The way of the bow. Don’t talk to anyone who is more senior than you. Don’t question, etc.

I then went to a show of Shimizu Zenko. I think that is the reading for his name. He fires a large anagama that he dug out of the side of a hill and also a gas kiln. His porcelain is from Amakusa in Kyushu. I especially like his round things which are intended for something I am unsure of.


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