New finds

These are some of the things I bought this week .

I was mostly interested in the Bizen vase, the Nanban vase and the mountain coral. I was haughtily informed that it isn’t a “Nanban” vase but a yakishime vase. Fair enough. Lately I have been trying to figure out how to reconcile  the use of the  word as it is used in regular conversation and its real meaning  anyway. Nanban as it is used by antiques dealers, tea practitioners and other shady characters is restricted to the true meaning of the word in Japan.  I have a more detailed post here. So, it is a yakishime vase.

The Bizen vase interests me because it is by the same person who made a vase I already own. I don’t know who made the vase I own but when it was given to me as a gift I was aware it was an expensive gift. The way it was handed over and the surrounding comments were the clue.

The mountain coral cost the most and sparked the longest bidding war. My wife will use them in the jewelery she makes. They look like they are the oldest of all the items.


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