2010 first cut Japanese green tea. Very cheap. 1st and last call.

This is the follow-up post to my last post on tea, see here.

The weather didn’t cooperate so the tea didn’t get covered long enough to make Gyokuro. It is Kabuse cha. The main differences between the two are length of time covered and the aroma. I just got my yearly supply and it tastes great.

I will take orders one time this year for this tea. I can take orders till the 5th. of June which is in 2 days. After that we are sending all the tea to a blender and won’t have anymore. If you want a pound, 460 grams for 36$ shipping included to most locations please leave a comment and I will contact you. You must make sure your email is accessible.  Great price but you have to act fast.


4 Responses to “2010 first cut Japanese green tea. Very cheap. 1st and last call.”

  1. Douglas Anders Says:

    Dear Dave,
    Is it too late to order a pound of tea? If not, please allow me to place an order for one pound of tea. Please let me know how to make payment. I would be honored to try this special tea.

  2. Jacqueline Clayton Says:

    Dear Dave,

    This morning I discovered your website (through following a thread regarding wood firing and carbon footprint!). Given the date I realise that it is probably too late to purchase your tea…. but am sending this ‘in case’…. If you still have any available I would love to order a pound. (I lived in Japan some years ago and really miss wonderful, freshly harvested tea!)

    Thanks for your blog – it is fascinating!

    Good wishes,

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