Rice culture.

The following pictures are from my son’s Social Studies class. The top illustration shows how rice was planted and harvested in Showa 40,  1965, and how it is in Heisei 18, 2006.

The amount of time it took to go from first prep to harvest took 92.5 hours in 1965, 12.7 hours in 2006. This an efficiency gain of 86%. I am guessing the data was standardized. The usual unit of measurement of field size is a tan. One tan is 300 tsubo. One tsubo is 3.306 square meters. One tan = about .245 of an acre. These gains in productivity were made largely by robotizing the process. Robotics in the sense of attaching specialized machines to the tractors. I am unsure what the increased rice yield per tan is. The increase would come through more efficient hybrids and the heavier use of pesticides.


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