Edo plates.

Occam’s razor = I got lucky.

I don’t consider my eye to be really sharp so it is always a pleasure to find things I bought turn out to be good.

The 3 plates are exceptional items, especially considering 2 of them I didn’t realize were so old. I took them to a dealer I know who is an Imari expert. He called them  genuine.

The first one is from about the 1730’s. It is an “akae” with a black background. An interesting point about it is the composition. It mimics a lot of work but in a simpler design.I really like the simplicity of it.

The second plate is from the Kansei period of Edo, Kansei being  1789-1801. I like brown edged work and work that has nice brush painting. It has two well done repairs on the back.

The third is the one I bought because I had taken a close look at it. It is also the newest one, around 1820. The bottom has 5 kiln stilts, one firmly planted in the signature. The front has a very nice scene of a man looking at a bird under a Japanese Red pine. If you have a look at this site you will see that the scenery back a 100 years ago or so included many big pine trees. All 3 plates have  a lot of indicators that they were wood fired.

I will be selling these on Ebay, probably tomorrow.


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2 Responses to “Edo plates.”

  1. ania Says:

    great job capturing all their little gorgeous details… stunning!

  2. togeii Says:

    Thank you for reading.
    They really are beautiful.

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