Genroku plate. The end of Imari?

So, I am at an auction wrapping the pieces I bought. Walks by 2 old timers who takes a look at the plate  below and them bursts out laughing. I says, “What’s so funny?” Them says, “It’s too cheap” meaning the plate of course. I says “Why?” Them says “Its Genroku or Bakumatsu.” I says “Oh”

Even taking into the account it can’t be both Genroku and Bakumatsu it is still an impressive piece. It came in a 3 basket lot that I got for the minimum bid. The bidding started at one basket full of Imari. No one took it so they added another basket and still no takers. 1 more basket for a total of 3 and I was the only taker. There were 2 more lots after that went the same way, 3 baskets going for the minimum bid. After the interaction with the folks above I had a moment of wishing I had bought the other lots but looking over at the woman wrapping those lots with their hundreds of pieces I was happy to not have that much work.

I think this is a real warning that Imari has fallen out of fashion. If you are a collector of Imari it is a buyer’s market. I like the work from the Imari kilns and will continue to buy but for the average seller it looks like the bottom has fallen out. There are sectors in Imari that are still demanding top prices. Small work. Shoki Imari. Edo or Meiji work that is of good quality. But the Taisho and later 20th. century work is looks to have fallen on hard times.


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