2010 first cut Japanese green tea. Very cheap.

These pictures are of the tea fields that surround my house. The new leaves are out and we are about to cover the plants with netting  for  Gyokuro 玉露 and Kabusecha 冠茶  to improve the flavor. No pesticides applied. I have sold this tea in the past but this year I am too busy. I will take orders one time and that will be the extent of this years tea orders. The price is very cheap.  Compare to other sellers, I am selling this at about 1/3 the price, mainly to help out the guy I do this with.

What I will be selling will be Gyokuro at 36$ per pound, shipping included. If you would like to order please send me an email to togeii at yahoo dot com. Please replace ‘at’ and ‘dot’ with the appropriate symbols. I will take orders till we cut and that should be in about 3 weeks.

Have a look at my feedback on my Etsy store, here, to see my selling record.


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6 Responses to “2010 first cut Japanese green tea. Very cheap.”

  1. maria Says:


    Please could i make an order for your green tea.. i live in the UK
    One pound please


    maria joy

  2. Barry Fishman Says:

    How do I place an order for 2 lbs of your green tea?

  3. jeremy millingen Says:

    Please email me the purchase infor for the first cut

    • togeii Says:

      Cutting should start this week or next. I will send you an email at that time. You will need to tell me before hand how much tea you would like.
      Thank you,

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