I am not quite that cynical but ….

I am doing the thing I spend a lot of time doing when I am out of my studio, this time sitting in McDonalds sipping barely passable coffee.

This is the post, from Itty Biz, Naomi Dunford’s blog, this is the quote,

Beneath layer after layer of disappointment, disillusionment, betrayal, confusion, rage, fear and keeping a stiff upper lip is a profound and fundamental  human hope that maybe something nice will happen today.


Your customers are these people too.

Like I said, I am not as cynical as the quote suggests but I think it is a great idea to work off of when trying to sell ceramics. What is the nice thing I can do for the person that comes to my site and wants a piece of my work. I love the hope and wide-eyed wonder that underlies the premise that “maybe something nice will happen today.”  It is something  I love to see.

Now, how to translate that into helping out people who come to my site.

As an aside.

I read a story in the New York Times (the link is a different source) about a Nepali butler that was left 2 apartments in the Dakota building in New York. That of course segued to thinking about how John met Yoko. That naturally led to Yoko’s painting on the ceiling that said “Yes.” After that I picked up a book that has a book cover on it so it is impossible to tell the front from the back except for the “Yes” I wrote on the front. For some unknown reason I turned it over to see if I had put a “No” on the back. It wasn’t there  and I felt great.


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