Nara Art and Craft Fair part 2, and Yamazoe Tsutsuji Matsuri.

Here are some more photos from both the Nara Art and Craft Fair and the Yamazoe Tsutsuji Matsuri.

I went to the Art Fair earlier today to take some photos and do some looking and thinking about marketing. Here are some things I learned.

No matter how poorly you are selling always make some eye contact with the people walking through. Be careful it is natural, not desperate.


If things are going poorly try to say to yourself ‘You are going to buy this’ to people as they walk by or are looking at your booth. This really put a smile on my face when I used it a while back.

It helps to have a simple display. This probably only applies to me, that is if I am the customer. I only go to displays that have a simplicity to them. I avoid the ones that are visually confusing.

Have something for a free takeaway. Business cards or some kind of pamphlet. I don’t recommend a “sample” piece of work. It creates more discomfort than it creates goodwill.

Say hello to all your new, temporary neighbors. In the case of this fair we had a glass maker on our left, a soap maker on our right and a key chain maker behind us. Being in an argument with the people in your neighborhood will affect your sales.

Branding. This is a tough one. I think a booth should have a signature, a distinctiveness that is visible from a far distance.

I suggest going alone. Don’t bring along anyone to help as it will make you less attentive to the job at hand. It is too easy to blame when it really is your job.

Focus. Have a new experiment for your outing. Mine next week will be a “white” show. I will only bring white things.

The last recommendation I have is to buy something. I usually allot 10% of my sales to buy something. If I go above 50,000 yen I cut it off at about 5,000 yen, about 50$ U.S. This does wonders for your attitude. It also helps me believe anything is possible. I don’t know why but it does. Maybe it is because I am such a tightwad.


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