Japanese Red Pine

I have officially started throwing logs down the mountain towards the road with the goal of getting it back to my kiln to split and use. Tough work. So tough I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies. I often have fantasies of how I could get people out to the mountains to help me. It always ends with me laughing to myself at how hard the work is.

Red pine medicine tag

Red pine medicine tag

The picture is of a tag from a tree that has been given a shot for Mountain Pine beetle . Or this link for a more in depth description. The tag says the tree number is 811, it is 44 cm in diameter, and has had 6 vials of  60 ml. each for a total of 360 ml. of the medicine that was administered in Heisei 20 in Feburary. Heisei 20 is 2008. I heard the cost is about 10,000 yen per vial or tree. It was unclear to me at the time which it was as the counter in Japanese is the same for trees and vials. I would think it is 10,00 yen per tree but I wouldn’t put it past the Japanese to spend 60,000 yen per tree. It is cheaper to cut the healthy trees down to create a barrier to the spread of the beetle. This is where I come in. I use the wood. Like a scavenger beetle. I am able to use the wood even if it has been infected if the trees are cut before the needles turn brown.


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2 Responses to “Japanese Red Pine”

  1. Lee in Mpls Says:

    The Red Pine problem is similar to the Elm problem here. I was surprised when I moved from Michigan (where I lived in a Souix TiPi in the woods) to see so many Elm trees surviving. They were mostly dead in Michigan. The cold here protected the Elm. I am hoping enough time has past and as global climate change brings warmer weather, they don’t start dying here. I understand the Pine is protected in Aomori and Hokkaido. Now, we have the Emerald Ash Borer. Minneapolis is a high tree cover city. I think I read something like 70% green. The old trees here really stunned us, after first moving back from Japan. Look at this google maps shot. Our house is obscured behind our crabapple tree: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=3223+36th+Ave+S,+Minneapolis,+Hennepin,+Minnesota+55406&ll=44.944376,-93.220378&spn=0,0.001577&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=44.944258,-93.220377&panoid=klqvC9mei_LoCQFipzVoKA&cbp=12,90.75,,0,6.25

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