White slip plate.

White slip plate.

When I am not out in my studio I spend the majority of my time studying and thinking about marketing. I have only seriously been working at marketing my work for about a year. Seriously in the sense I still don’t think my efforts are up to par for what is required but I have been taking concrete actions toward the end of cutting out galleries in my overall plan.


I have had a spectacularly bad run at connecting and keeping up the mojo with galleries. That is it in a nutshell. Things started out well enough, back a few years ago.  I put the bad vibe down to my personality. The feelings are mostly on my part.  It isn’t like I have had arguments with a string of gallery owners. Just the opposite in fact. I get along well with those I have shown in. I also enjoy meeting and talking with the people who come to see my shows. More like I really don’t enjoy the pomp that surrounds being an artist.  Being here in Japan there is a force multiplier, to borrow a term, of my not fitting well into hierarchical schemes, which galleries are here.

What now?

Good question. I am now in the place of  having to figure out how to completely cut out the crutch that I think 95% of artists look to, i.e., a gallery  hawking their wares.  Like, seriously, dude.

There are two people I have taken notes on and continue to read and learn from. Seth Godin and Naomi Dunford. Naomi being the foulest mouth gal I have run across in a while. I love her directness.    More specifically this video by Seth and this audio by Naomi.

What have I learned so far?

Not much. A little. Enough to see that what I am doing here, slaving away, is great, fantastic, and I need to market it better.

Stay tuned.


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