Yesterday I was on my morning walk when I passed under a beautiful azalea tree. It is a mountain azalea so only a small piece of it was visible or within reach. In the dream that passes as time as I walked I thought about going back and picking a piece of it for my house. My dog and the pace of the walk went against that as the seconds ticked by and I was just left with the regret of not having a piece to take home. Today it was raining so I had an umbrella in one hand as the tree suddenly broke into view. I walk very early in the morning, before it is light, so I was directly under the branch before I saw it. I immediately stopped and tried to figure out how to cut a small branch and take it. Reaching up I grasped it and like a child pulled and pulled till I had a piece about one meter long I broke off. The remainder snapped back and showered me with water. I felt a rush of happiness at having this  brilliantly purple beautiful 1/2 a tree in my hand as I walked down the mountain. I have never taken LSD but have listened to my friends descriptions of what it is like to trip. Walking along in the steadily brightening morning with an electric purple piece of Azalea I couldn’t have been happier or more aware of the brilliant color in my hand. I am sure it was better than any chemical.

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