Echizen? Tokoname? Tanba?

I am trying to figure out the visual differences between Echizen, Tokoname, Tanba, Bizen and Shigaraki. Bizen and Shigaraki are easy enough but 14th. century work from the other areas is more difficult. It is easier on more famous pieces but as I look at minor work they all look Greek to me as far as telling where they came from.


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4 Responses to “Echizen? Tokoname? Tanba?”

  1. Craig Edwards Says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I am unfamiliar with Tokoname. Something new to explore!

    Make good pots


  2. Jason Says:

    I too, can’t really figure it out, but I find that actually seeing pieces and feeling them make the difference. To look at something in a book, and try to tell if it’s bizen or tanba doesn’t work. ( at least for me ).

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