Japanese antiques 3-6-10

Today is a mish-mash of items.

The first up is a set of earrings from the Kofun period. They are gold-plated. I am not sure what the base is. They will be used as paper weights for the antiques dealer’s 88th. year tea ceremony. He pointed out if you are in the Urasenke or Omotesenke you don’t have the luxury of picking these types of details.

The second is one of a set of very rare lacquer ware bowls. The bowls are for nimono, 煮物 which means boiled or steamed  food. It is difficult for me to tell why these would be specific for that type of food, why it wouldn’t be appropriate to put miso soup into them. I think it has to do with the curve, or lack of, of the wall of the bowl. It is very rare to find a full set of these bowls in very good condition of this age, more than 400 years old.

The last items are called renben. They are the leaves from a lotus plant and date from the Heian period. The earlier and later renben have a different curve to them. These will be used for plates which makes the curve important. I can’t find a single good link


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