European Wood Fire Conference

I am confirmed as a panelist and presenter at the first European Wood Fire Conference, see below for the link, the second one takes you to the page that has my entry.

I will be on the opening panel representing Japan,  giving an overview of the wood firing scene here. Very interesting topic. I am going to go talk to Shiro Tsujimura and incorporate his comments into the discussion. That should be very interesting as Tsujimura doesn’t use wood, in fact fires in electric for a lot of his work, but he has been very influential to Western wood firers. I will also break down what is going down as far as traditionalists and more independent firers.

I will give a talk on Nanban firing. The thrust of that talk will be giving history and comparison between Nanban and other types of unglazed styles in Japan. The talk will include work from 4 different potters in Nanban style. Tsujimura fires Nanban in an electric kiln so I will try to get photos of some of his work.


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2 Responses to “European Wood Fire Conference”

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  2. Jason Says:

    I just found your site online, and am also interested in Japanese ceramics. I have a piece of nanban karatsu from Japan, and am interested on what is different from that and other non glazed ( yakishime ) works in Japan. Do you happen to have your lecture for the conference on a word file or online somewhere that can be read?
    Also, I am interested in work by the Tsujimura family in Nara. Especially Tsujimura Yui, one of Tsujimura Shiro’s sons. Can you obtain any of his pieces for sale, and/or can provide information for him. I have a Japanese friend who could translate/contact Tsujimura if you could provide direct contact information.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Jason Mak

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