Japanese antiques 2-20-10

I went to an antique store I usually don’t go to today. I have some very interesting photos but not many of them. The owner of the store is a little prickly about many things, taking photos included. He also treats his knowledge like it is a national security issue.

The first piece is a plate from the beginning of the  Richo era, one of a set of 5. Somewhat unusual to have a complete set of five although the five can only be said to match in color only, shape and size vary. Two points on early Richo ceramics. The use of the type of stilts and the ring that is seen in the face of the plate. These two are indicators of that period.

The second piece is a fake piece of Imari.  How do you know it is fake? That is a national secret and what exactly is your interest in knowing?


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