Naramachi, round 1

I spent the day in Naramachi doing my first experiment in “an alternative approach to selling”. My wife set up a table and put the jewelry she sells up for sale. We both go to a lot of juried shows to display but this is one of the first times we tried just what amounts to a cold call. Here is a list of things I learned.

  • The display that looked so good in the context of a wide open field doesn’t look great in the context of a Meiji era neighborhood.  Basically it looked like we were refugees setting up a stand to make some side dough. We are going to buy some materials to make a new display today. Look for the update in display next week.
  • People not primed to buy won’t. At juried shows the people who come have their pockets stuffed full of cash and are in the mind-set to use it.Where we were was an older section of town that seems to only attract those wanting to take in the atmosphere, not lay out on jewelry made from antique beads.
  • Cold weather is less conducive to people stopping and looking than warmer weather is.

Directly in front of where we were is the Nara shiryo kan.  A kind of hokey dokey mish-mash of things put together by someone. As you walk in to the right there is a statue that will cure you, just touch the statue where ever your body is sick. Be sure to pay 500 yen first.

In the shiryokan there was a series of massive porcelain plates, the largest one about 200 kilograms and about 2 meters across.


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