How to improve sales by 500%, guerrilla style.

That is the title of a post I hope to make in a couple of weeks. Towards that end I just secured a spot in Nara-machi that will let me set up a small display every Saturday and Sunday to sell. On Saturday my wife will set up her jewelery and on Sunday I will set up my ceramics. Nara-machi is one of my favorite places. Here is a link to a temple a couple of doors down from where I will be. Here is a map link, I will be set up next to #3 Nara-machi  is a warren of narrow streets filled with all types of shops and what not. There are a lot of people living there too.

We went yesterday to check out a space we found about a month ago. By coincidence the space we were interested in is visible in this photo.  It is the photo below the main one, on the right. The sign has the mark for an onsen. A circle with four vertical lines coming out of it. The space is immediately next to that onsen. We got to the place yesterday and found it had been rented out. I then suggested we check out a gallery I had a show in a couple of years ago. We got there and after talking to the owner for about 20 minutes we asked if we could set up out in front of her shop. So there you go. It is an excellent location with very high foot traffic, much better than the original place and cheaper too.


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