Words for tea bowls.

I am reading a book, Korai Chawan, 高麗茶碗、Korean Teabowls, here,  that has a couple of pages of vocabulary that I find very interesting.

石はぜ=ishihaze= When small or a little larger than small stones that are in the clay expand during the firing and protrude through the surface of the ware. Here for example.

井戸の約束=idonoyakusoku= Ido means the word for Ido teabowls, yakusoku means promise. This means the points that make an Ido teabowl an Ido teabowl. I spelled them out in this post. All points aren’t required to be in each bowl but some of them are required to reach the level of the exalted Ido.

回青=kaisei= Kai is the word in Chinese for Islam, sei is the word for blue. The glossary says the quality of the blue the word kaisei stands for is not good quality and is called “dosei”, 土青、in Japanese. Here for example. It is like a turquoise blue.

カイラギ=kairagi= This is the crawling you see around the foot of teabowls, especially Ido bowls. It is most often found around the foot on the inside and outside. It is one of the Idonoyakusoku points. Here or here for example.

片身替=katamigawari= katami= In this combination it means one part of the ware, gawari = changes. This term refers to the application of a number of different types of glaze on one piece of ware and the different colors you get. The term also refers to the effect the kiln has on a piece as far as one side might have a different color as it was cooler of there was less reduction, etc. It is a term that isn’t exclusive to teabowls. It is used for other types of crafts and arts.  Here for example.


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