Third mixer

This is the third mixer I have used on this project. The first had almost no power, the second one worked well until yesterday when it started to make clicking sounds. I called the guy I rented them from, what a deal too at 1,500 yen for the length of the job, and asked him what I should do. He reluctantly agreed to bring this monster over. Reluctantly because it is so big, not because I might destroy it. He delivered it today and I plugged it in to find it runs backwards.  In my surprise and confusion I assumed the renter guy MUST know and that is how he wants it to run. I ran it for a little while till the cam became disengaged from the blades and the blades stopped.The afternoon was spent trying to find out how to reverse the motor. After emailing my rocket scientist younger sister I decided to take the plunge and reverse the black and red wire on the 220 motor. It works and hopefully none of the horrible things I read about on the Internet will happen. The remaining part of the day was spent breaking out the mixture I poured yesterday. The mixer I was using yesterday was on its last legs so I had to put too much water in which didn’t allow the mortar and concrete to set.


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