A chimney made from homemade cast material.

I have almost gotten over the flu and am about to head back out to my kiln and resume building. I am now building the chimney. I originally planned to try to cast the whole kiln but went with hard brick instead. I then went to the idea of a cast chimney but set up the purchase of a 7 meter tall steel chimney instead. I changed from the idea of the steel chimney because I am unsure if there are any modifications that I can do to it on my own in light of not owning any TIG welding equipment or experience. I do have a couple piles of ISB bricks and a crusher with a concrete mixer standing by.

Pictured above is the form for the chimney seen from the top. The bottom part is the stack, the top is the exit flue and the walls that will direct the gasses to the stack.

Above is a mixer full of ISB that has been sent through my crusher and a little water added. I have decided on a mix of 4 ISB, 1 firebrick mortar and 1 concrete. I am concerned if the concrete will hold up to the temperature but also if the mix will set. The “4 ISB” is a little deceiving because by 4 I mean 4 servings of 2 buckets a serving. I have a large plastic bucket, maybe 30 liters and a smaller bucket,  15 liters. I fill both of them with uncrushed brick and that counts as 1 in the 4. So there is quite a bit of ISB in the mix.

I did an initial pour before I got the flu and it has set so I will do another pour this week to see if it has compressive strength.


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