Today I went to a kimono auction in Kyoto. Take a look at the pictures to see some of the treasures I picked up. The auction itself was held in a shop, very small, fast and fun. Faster even than the last kimono auction I went to. Everyone had about 30 seconds per lot to decide the quality, price, etc. The bidding lasted at most 5 seconds. The bidding wasn’t really bidding as the word is understood in English. Each lot went on the block the same way. The pieces were laid out, one on the bottom serving as a “wrapper” for the pieces on top. When the full lot was decided, that is all the pieces in the lot had been shown front and back and put together, the “bidding” started and stopped in a couple of seconds. You were supposed to say your maximum price the first time, the highest bid won, no second bids allowed. If, as often happened, two or more people said the same price a dice was rolled and the number was used in a fashion that was unclear to me to determine the winner. I lost a number of times because I barked out my bid a second too late.

Now to sell all this. I would like to set up a live auction. If anyone has an idea on how to set one up, say on Ning or somewhere, please let me know. I would like some people interested in Japanese textiles and that have some computer skills to help me if there are any out there.


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4 Responses to “Kimonos”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Cool findings! I work for Japan based Mfg company and have been there many times. There are a lot of oppurtunities there. I have friend that loves the Japanese versions of Nike shoes. Everytime I go I take pics of the shoes, email them and he places his order. Kimonos are a big purchase item also. Husbands love to buy for their wife. I wish you the best in selling them, I know you will do excellent.

  2. Judi Says:

    The fabric is beautiful. I especially like the colors and print in the last picture. What is is made of or are they different fabrics?

    • togeii Says:

      Hello Judi,
      Thank you for reading my blog and your comment.
      Almost all of them are silk. There are one or two that are other material. I am right now in the process of photographing each one to put on my site so if you want to see them in greater detail please see my Etsy site.
      Thank you,

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