The right price.

I went to a shop that carries antique kimonos today. It is run by the second daughter of a major figure in the antique fabrics world in Japan. The first daughter runs a shop in Tokyo while the third daughter is still learning the trade. The mother and father of the three run a shop in front of the oldest wooden building in the world, Horyuji temple. The shop I visited is directly in front of the train station in Horyuji.

The first thing I noticed was the beauty of the shop. It was just redone a couple of months ago. There was incense burning and the overall effect was of a very well-run, nicely decorated small shop. I would guess it is about ten tatami mats in all, roughly 15 square meters.

The selection was really nice. Limited but very nice. There were  maybe 40-50 pieces total in the shop, kimonos, obis, purses, etc. Very old pieces to post war but probably nothing newer than 1955 or so. A lot of antique fabric swatches, enough to make any lover of fabric drool.

The next thing I noticed was the prices. I sell antique kimono and obi on my Etsy site. I do it mainly because I like kimono and obi, less to make a profit. I saw today I am selling for less than 1/4 market price. If you look at my site you will see some great deals. I don’t think I will raise my prices but I was surprised to see how much things cost in the real world.


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