Nara Craft Fair, 10-31-09 and 11-01-09

I went to the Nara Aozora craft fair over this past weekend. It is the fourth time I have been there and probably the last. There really isn’t any selection process as far as the organizers trying to have a unified theme or overall strategy. If you are able to lug your crates to the site I think you are able to participate.

I went with my wife, she was selling jewelery she makes, see here. She is a very good seller and sold 20 times the amount I did. I have a lot to learn from her. One thing I noticed is she is very excited about what she sells and isn’t afraid to share that excitement with those who come up to look. I on the other hand am more excited about the process of making and firing and have a certain disconnect with the object that results so appear somnambulant next to her. It is easy to write and to dissect that I have that quality but even easier to say it is something to change if I want to sell a lot of my work. My next chance at selling is a gallery show I have coming up from the 14th. of November in a gallery in Nara.


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