Yamaguchi Arts and Craft Fair.

I’m back.

I left Friday night at 11:30 pm, drove through the night and got in Yamaguchi at around 6:00 am Saturday. The fair was a very nice experience. I enjoy being out and meeting Japanese people. I changed my display so it was very shibui,  in fact had people come up on a number of occasions and say just that. My favorite was when a man with a large nose came up and looked around. The kind of looking where he took off his glasses, bent down to get a good look at the shapes, knew what he was looking for. After about 10 minutes he came back and waved his wife over and said something to the effect of “Can you believe this shibuiness?” He didn’t buy anything because my sake cups weren’t big enough. Oh well, size matters.

I look at  craft fairs as marketing workshops. I learn a lot about how my work is perceived and what other people are putting out there.

What kind of people stopped and looked at my work? Lots of black and grey clothing. To break it down there were about 4 categories of people. The most common was people with a very minimalist dress sense in the sense of their color palette. Black, greys, white, maybe one accessory that had color. It isn’t nice to say but a lot of them had a pained look on their face hopefully not caused by my work. The next largest group was what looked like well to do retired couples. Think California’s Carmel by the Sea.  Most of this group didn’t buy but did give my work a good looking over which is something I appreciate. The third group was mothers, often with children, everyone in blacks and greys, maybe some shades of brown in the baby carriers. This group combined with the next group is the largest buyer as my prices are aimed at them.  The last group was fellow ceramicsts. I am the only person doing Nanban firing foolish enough to sell so cheap so a lot of people who want this style and like my work bought something from me.

I noticed a lot of people whose legs didn’t match their shoe choice and wanted to make that the theme of the photos but quickly decided there might be some problems with what is inferred so skipped it.

This year I went there with my son who is on crutches. We slept in the back of our car in the parking lot next to the venue. Bad choice since we couldn’t lift our heads up or everyone doing what ever keeps people in the respectable city of Yamaguchi up all night and in the park could see us.

Geek  information.

All distances and data are from my house to the exit in Yamaguchi.


Using Sanyo highway, no breaks.

Distance = 531

5 hours 31 minutes.

531 kilometers.

97 kilometers per hour average speed.

15.1 kilometers per liter average gas use.

5,797 yen in gas one way.

2,100 yen in highway fees.


Using Chugokudo highway, dinner  break.

Distance = 536

5 hours 37 minutes.

536 kilometers.

99 kilometers per hour average speed.

14.9 kilometers per liter average gas use.

2,100 yen in highway fees.


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One Response to “Yamaguchi Arts and Craft Fair.”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hi David. Thank u for ur comment about Japanese teacher. Now I’m thinking about it.

    And thank u ur plate. Real soooo cool!!
    I’ll enjoy my relax time with ur plate. Thank u.

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