Japanese antiques 10-16-09 kuradashi part 4

Today all the items I learned about are from the 3rd set of lots of this kuradashi except the Muromachi, or hereSeto area plate.

First up is this wooden box. The top veneer is from Gangoji temple, or here. It is from some part of the temple that was in direct rain. That is why it is so textured. The wood, hinoki, cypress, was grown in an area that had very slow growth, judging by the growth rings. If you look at the picture that is just before the Karatsu guinomi you will see a picture and description of Gangoji. It should be read from right to left. The box was made by tradesmen called sashimonoshi.  Edo period shashimonoshi quality can be seen in the video I made of the box lid being placed back onto the box, here.

The next piece is a Karatsu guinomi, sake cup, from the Momoyama period. These are very rare. Notable are the box ties. They are made of leather and are not tied in the traditional way. Instead they are tucked under after they are wrapped around the lid. This is the first time I have seen this type of box tie.

The third piece is a Muromachi Seto plate. It is not from the kuradashi lots. Mr. Kawase has gathered it for his next tea ceremony. Since the space in the tea room is very limited plates of this medium size are the maximum size that are desirable for the tea room.

The next piece is a guinomi made from turtle shell with what looks like lacquer inlay. Very delicate.

The last piece is I think a Kutani piece.

The last photo is of my favorite piece outside of some of the “tsuchimono” type of pieces. It is a Ko-Kutani faceted vase. Very old and rare.


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