Kiln, final photos.

I have finished unloading as much as I am going to at this point.

It looks like the collapsed shelf happened at the lowest level in the back set of shelves in the middle. A vase or something slumped and hit the stilt. That caused the whole one meter high stack of shelves to fall forward and the only thing holding them in place was the front stack of ware. It could have been a lot worse.

I was talking to Nishioka Koju or here,  at a gallery show a couple of years before he died. His work always had great kairagi, crawling. My kiln is  a copy of his so in theory I should be able to get at least the kairagi he got. Up until this firing I have never been able to get it. Mr. Nishioka told me it had to do with the amount of reduction. Other esteemed potters told me a number of other very different reasons kairagi happens. I got so many different reasons it became a kind of joke with me. This time I have some great crawling. If you ask me I will tell you “I don’t know why.”


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